Billflow Home

This site is using Billflow embeds for

  • Showing a Billflow Pricing page for sign up
  • Checkout via the Billflow Pricing page, which creates a Stripe subscription
  • Let users manage / upgrade and downgrade their Stripe subscription

Content gating is managed via Billflow’s built-in Stripe webhook handlers

  • When customer signup, they will be assigned a role matching their subscription tier (Basic or Pro)
  • When customer upgrades or downgrades, the user role is automatically updated
  • When customer cancels, the user role is automatically removed

This automatic [role <==> subscription] tier sync allows you to manage you membership based WordPress sites along with other plugins

  • Examples:
    • Using the Restrict User Access plugin, you can manage your menu displays for different user role / subscription tier
    • Using the Members plugin, you can create custom roles and use that along with Restrict User Access

Start Demo

To start, go to the pricing page to sign up for the Basic tier.